Freqently Asked Questions

  • What size storage unit do I need?
    We have a Storage Unit Size Guide to help you determine the right storage unit for your needs.
  • Must I rent a truck to bring in my items?
    No, we have a FREE truck or van to move your goods into your unit. Just call the 5A site closest to you and ask for it. We drive the vehicle to your location, you load it, we drive it back to the site, you load your unit.
  • How do I pack fragile items?
    We have lots of different sized boxes, specialty boxes for fragile items like dishes, glassware, bubble wrap, packing tape and whatever you need to pack your things.
  • Can I store a vehicle?
    No. Most cities have ordinances against vehicular storage inside storage units.
  • What date do I make my payment?
    We bill by anniversary date. The date you rented your unit will show on your contract. Or you may Contact Us to make other arrangements. The most convenient way to pay your bill is with our “auto pay” option using your credit card on file. Another payment method is to use our automated kiosk 24/7, or you may make your payment online.
  • What can not be stored?
    Chemicals, hazardous waste, drugs, gasoline or any fuels and food products.
  • Are you open on holidays?
    No, we give our employees time to be with their families too. However there is always a phone number posted near the gate for emergency purposes.
  • How secure is your facility?
       We have video surveillance cameras in our buildings and on our properties. Halls have motion sensor lights.
       Our gate can only be opened with your personal ID code. You get a code at the time of your rental.
       Our managers live on site.
       The police and fire department have master keys to access the gate in an emergency.
       You lock your unit with your personal key. No one else has access unless you give it to them.
       Our accounts are all computerized and in a secure, dedicated server.
       We have an excellent safety record at all our facilities.
  • What kinds of services can I expect at your facility?
        We accept credit and logo debit cards and do automatic monthly billing.
       You may request paper billing or have the bill e-mailed to you.
       We have a kiosk (like an ATM machine) where clients may rent, pay or get their unit information 24/7
       Some of our 5A facilities have office services where clients can fax, make copies, ship packages and use WIFI. Contact your local 5A for services.
       We can receive your shipments and with your signed approval, store them in your unit.
  • What do I do if I have a suggestion or complaint?
    You may e-mail or phone your local 5A manager, call our toll-free number at (800) 527-7223, Contact Us on our website or you may call our General Manager at (510) 727-1800 ext. 318.
    We are always happy to assist our customers. It’s important to us to make sure we provide solutions for our clients.
  • Can I get help with storing large or heavy item?
    Yes, we have furniture lifts on our properties as well as freight elevators to the upper levels, and flat bed wagons to move large, heavy items.
  • How do I load a storage unit?
    The steps involved in this process are really simple. All you need to do is:
        Load heavy, large items and boxes on the bottom and near the walls. Make sure you protect upholstered items with tarps, sheets and/or ask us for a wooden pallet.
        Nest things like chairs together.
        Disassemble beds and frames and legs from tables. Store headboards, rails and foot boards and table tops flat up against walls. Wrap table legs and bed rails and store     with all screws, attachments and connections taped to the back of the table or headboard in a zip lock bag.
       Store fragile things, lighter items and boxes up higher and to protect them store nothing on top. Wrap and protect unboxed items like lamps.
       5A sells many specialty boxes for mirrors, televisions, other items needing protection. Let us know what you need so we can help you.
       Mark all fragile boxes with black marker – “FRAGILE”.
       List the contents on the outsides of all boxes with a black marker. Store boxes in your unit with their list side out for visibility and so you can retrieve what you need, when     you need it.
       Leave a pathway so you can walk from the front of your unit to the rear wall. This way you can access what’s stored and read your box lists.We have lots of different sized     boxes, specialty boxes for fragile items like dishes, glassware, bubble wrap, packing tape and whatever you need to pack your things.
  • Do you offer help with moving my items?
    No. however we can tell you where to find temporary day laborers or moving companies.
  • Do you have a way to dispose of unwanted items?
    Periodically we host an e-waste event for electronic items, and some non-profit organizations will pick up donated items.
    Some 5A locations also host “Treasure Hunts” like a flea market where our customers can sell things.
  • Do you sell packing supplies?
    Yes. We have a full line of merchandise, including many sizes of boxes, tape, bubble wrap, specialty boxes for TV’s, mirrors and artwork, glassware, dishes – and the packing materials to protect fragile items.
    We also have several types of locks for you to choose from to secure your storage unit.
  • Can shelving be put in a unit?
    Yes. Free-standing shelves can be placed inside your storage unit. You can get shelving units at Home Depot, Lowes and other retailers.
  • Do you sell plastic storage tubs to use in my unit?
    Yes, we do in Hawaii. Tubs are 6 cubic ft. and are rented for $15. per month.
  • Why are access and hall doors kept locked and why do I need a key each time I want to access my unit?
    5A places a high priority on security and wants to keep everone’s storage unit safe.
  • What do I do if my gate code doesn’t work during business hours?
    Push the button on the keypad at the front gate to speak to the office attendant.
  • What hours can I access my storage unit?
    Offices: 9 am – 6 pm Mon.-Sat.
    Closed on Sundays
    Yard opens: Mon. – Sat. 7am – 6:45pm
    Sundays: 9 am – 5:45 pm
    Office: 9 am – 6 pm Mon. – Sat.
    Closed on Sundays
    Yard opens: Mon. – Sat. 7 am – 6:45 pm
    Sundays: 7 am – 2:45 pm
  • Do you offer senior citizen or other discounts?
    Yes. We offer senior citizens, military, students and non-profits discounts. Ask us for the details.
  • Do you offer insurance coverage?
    Yes. We have a great policy to cover a range of pricing. Insurance is now required if you store, however you may use your homeowner’s insurance if you have a “storage” clause in your policy to cover your stored goods.